London bound? Maybe.

I’ve been without a job since September. Wedding planning was my main source of entertainment (baking bread second). With that behind me I found myself bored…until…that is…G’s office closed its doors.

Is it weird that we aren’t that freaked out (yet)? We have been enjoying the last two weeks by sleeping in, comfort eating and watching crappy tv. I managed to drag him to Lady Bird Lake for a quick, very cold run yesterday. We followed that with some yummy burritos. Made complete sense to us.

We leave for honeymoon on Christmas Eve so that has been a nice distraction. So has holiday celebrations. That reminds me, I have to post some of the awesome gingerbread people pics. Lady Gaga, a zombie and a pregnant lady made appearances.

Back to the whole work, or lack there of, thing. There might be a possible job offer in London and although I heart Austin, and all my friends here, l would jump at the chance of living in London again. G spent most of today working of making that possibility a reality. Because of the holidays a lot of waiting will be involved, which sucks. I hate waiting. It would be nice to know what to expect in the new year (other than a marathon I won’t be able to finish on one piece if at all!)

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2 thoughts on “London bound? Maybe.

  1. Lindsay Beeson on said:

    Go London! Go London!

  2. Roberta on said:

    Oh my! That is beyond exciting! Keep us posted and have a wonderful honeymoon!

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