Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Scenery

Warning: Massive photo dump coming up.

We left from Heathrow for Dubrovnik on Thursday. We had a connecting flight in Zagreb but due to traffic at Heathrow we missed our connecting flight. Unfortunately the next flight out wasn’t until 9PM later that day. But luckily for us Croatia Airlines provided us with some vouchers for food. After we spent some time at a lovely park outside of the airport (random, right?) we went inside, had some food and I enjoyed a lovely local beer.

After what seemed a super long wait we made it to Dubrovnik, where thankfully, our luggage arrived as well.  We hopped in an airport shuttle and headed down a mountain to the Old City, about a thirty minute drive away. Luckily and unfortunately the drive was in the dark. Luckily because I missed seeing how close to the edge the bus was driving to and how far up we were (totally saw this on the drive back! Eeek!). Unfortunately because we missed the lovely city scenery. But not for long.

We woke up to breathtaking views and the previous day’s headache was a far away memory.

Coming up next: Useful travel info and observations.

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8 thoughts on “Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Scenery

  1. Gorgeous! Reminds me so much of Greece…looks like you had a lovely time.

  2. So pretty! Adding it to my list of future travel destinations! 🙂

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  4. Your photos are exquisite! It is strange, I had always intended to visit Zagreb first before Dubrovnik anyway. Perhaps because I know people there. I am hoping to visit the Plitvicka Jesses one day too.

    • Thank you.

      I totally want to go to Zagreb. It would be our luck that the airline showed a promotional video of the Croatia on our flight back! Made me wish we had taken a cab into town when we were stuck in Zagreb for 6 or so hours.

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