I feel bad that I haven’t updated this blog in ages. But the reality is that my expat life consists mostly of sewing, meeting up with friends to talk about sewing and thinking about sewing. And soon I’ll be sewing for a baby! So that leaves less time to share my travels and my musings on expat life. But I do share a bit of it on my sewing blog, so if you’re curious on the makings of a curvy woman’s wardrobe, please stop by. I’m not abandoning this blog. I intend to return to it after we repatriate to the States. So until then…happy sewing!
Update: I just started to keep a personal account on my pregnancy.

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12 thoughts on “Update!

  1. aliciamariel on said:

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

  2. Nice to see you back here, and congrats! 🙂

  3. Rebecca on said:

    Woah!!! I had no idea!

    Very exciting! Congrats!

    • Yeah, my Facebook announcement didn’t do very well. Who knew rebus puzzles weren’t popular?!

      Thank you!

    • 1) Rocky minus Y= Rock
      2) Fozzie says,”Aaaaayyyy”= A
      3) Woman buying something= Buy/Bye
      4) Bay= Bay
      5) Bee= Bee

      Rock-A-Bye-Baby! Get it? Rebus puzzles can be a bit abstract but they are quite fun.

      • Rebecca on said:

        I get it. I guess I’m just not familiar enough with “rocky” and fozzie..

        The bay-bee I actually tried to get a bit… but couldn’t figure out bay. (Sea? Shore? beach? ocean?)

        I think I’ll stick to Math. 🙂

  4. 🙂 any news yet on your and when you might move home??

  5. So happy for you two! Congrats!

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