The key to the perfect French macaron

I’ve been baking and trying to perfect my macaron baking for about two years now. My shells always came out under-baked (increasing cooking time did not help) and gritty-looking (although always yummy!).

20120229-053225 AM.jpg

But no more gritty-looking shells for me. I finally invested in a sifter. Nothing fancy, simply a £4 one from Amazon. I have been sifting the dry ingredients and getting the perfect macaron results: shiny tops and pretty feet*.

20120229-051643 AM.jpg

20120229-051616 AM.jpg

20120229-051758 AM.jpg

20120229-051953 AM.jpg

20120229-052044 AM.jpg

The top two are blueberry cheesecake macarons. The rest are a classic chocolate ganache. Looking forward to experimenting and hopefully making the perfect salted caramel macaron. Although, I’m not against hopping on the train to Paris to get real deal.

*For pretty feet you must must must age the egg whites. If not you end up with a flatter, no feet shell. Trust me, I’ve experimented with fresh ones.

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21 thoughts on “The key to the perfect French macaron

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’d LOVE a tutorial about how to create these! THey’re gorgeous!!

  2. I’d love to know your recipe! And can you explain about ageing the egg whites? I’m totally new to french macarons but would love to have a go!

    • Aging, or drying, the egg whites is when you set aside the egg whites in a slightly covered container for one or two days in the fridge. That allows some of the moisture to evaporate, which is crucial to produce the perfect macaron shell. Another method some people use is to microwave the egg whites for a few seconds. I don’t do this in fear that I’ll end up cooking them.

      I’ll definitely do a tutorial sometime next month and share the recipe I use. But one of the best recipes and methods to follow would be by Helen from Tartelette. Bakerella did a baking session with Helen and you can see it here:

      Sorry it’s the mobile website.

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. They are beautiful!

  5. Salted caramel! Chocolate ganache!!!!! What I wouldn’t give to hop on a train to Paris! Too bad it’s a trans-Atlantic flight away!

  6. Amazing! Those look gorgeous. Thanks so much for the tips!

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  8. Wow. Those look amazing Mela! They look worthy of a recipe book or foodie magazine. I’m really impressed.

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  11. I so want to cook like this – some day.

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