Coffee Break in Muswell Hill

Sunny and 55F.

Mid-afternoon yesterday, while the sun was shining high, I decided it was a nice time for a coffee break. I’m becoming quite fond of Emporium Tea Room and Fancy Goods. They serve lovely cakes and tasty soups and sandwiches. They also sell handmade crafts. Best part? They serve my favorite coffee in London, Monmouth. Winning all around. But I have to admit, every time I show up I’m holding my breath, fearful all the yummy mummies are there with kids in tow. It’s a smallish tea room so sound travels. A lot.

Coffee time. #London


I’m trying to wrap my head around SEO and maybe eventually HTML. Hmm…maybe I should be learning that the other way around?


I’ve been doing very well at eating my veg and staying on point when it comes to Weight Watchers. But these last two weeks I’ve been falling victim to a lot of this…

Naughty Mela! Very naughty.

Here are some of the sweet goods they have on sale.

Knitter cuteness.

I see these and I see pincushions!

Tea cup heaven.

The Emporium is a decent walk away from the flat but it’s worth doing. That is, if I can avoid the crowds. I think I might have the timing right. My last two visits have been yummy, quiet and with the perfect amount of people-watching.

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9 thoughts on “Coffee Break in Muswell Hill

  1. Gosh that looks like a lovely place!

  2. Gorgeous! The teacup with the blue rim is too cute!

  3. What a yummy looking place!! I love how you discover the best coffee shops in the whole country. I shall have to join you here one day – is it on the route on our upcoming walk?

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  5. It looks AMAZING!!!!! Have you been to THE VINTAGE EMPORIUM in Shoreditch? It’s just off Brick Lane and has a similar vibe.

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