Rochester, aka Home of Dickens

Rochester is a gorgeous medieval city in Kent. Many of the buildings in the town center date between the 14th and 18th centuries. The shops are mostly independent and the feel is very small town and homey. I’d like to imagine that there’s a nice close-knit community in Rochester. There would have to be to pull off an annual summer Charles Dickens Festival. Dickens lived in Rochester and set many of his novels there. You can see his chalet, where he wrote his last words in a room upstairs.

Charles Dickens' Chalet

Not too far from the chalet is Rochester Castle and Rochester Cathedral. They both dominate the city center and because of that you truly feel as though you’ve stepped back into time. Quite like when you walk through Canterbury.

Second oldest church in England, Canterbury being the first. Founded in 604 and built between 1079-1238

The nave

I am quite fascinated by church stained glass windows.

Fresco completed in 2004, in the north transept.

I believe this is The Quire.

The High Altar

The Cloister Garth, amidst the ruins of Rochetser's Norman priory

Norman ruins

Scenic place for a good read but not when it's in the low 30s! Can you spot the lady reading?

Rochester Cathedral

The 12th century tower is one of the best preserved ones in England and France.

I have to give my lovely friend Rachel a huge thank you (THANK YOU) for being an exceptional tour guide. Her Brazilian blood was not enjoying the frigid temperature that day. I look forward to returning again in warmer weather for the Charles Dickens Festival in June and taking my mister and Mr. and Mrs. Emm in London so we can geek out over all the purty purty buildings.

If you’re a lover of history or architecture, or perhaps both, Rochester is definitely worth a visit. From London you can get a train from Victoria and get there between 45 minutes to an hour.

[Cheers to Wiki, for kicking me bit of Rochester history, and my handy dandy Rochester Cathedral map.]

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20 thoughts on “Rochester, aka Home of Dickens

  1. taramoyle on said:

    Great pics, truly! I live in Medway not far from Rochester and from what I can tell there is a tight-knit community here, esp of artists and like-minded folk. The Deaf Cat is one of the hubs–right across from Cathedral.

    The movie Ironclad that came out recently was about the siege of Rochester castle. Gory, but a good performance by Paul Giamatti and a few others cannot recall all names….

    Glad you had a good time!

    • Oooh! I will have to look that movie up and watch it before I forget. Thanks for the recommendation.

      I had coffee at The Deaf Cat and I loved the vibe in there.

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  3. Your photos are AMAZING! I really need to get myself to Europe one of these years. Right now it looks like it might happen in 2014.

    • Thank you. That will give you enough time to plan out a great trip! Where all are planning to visit? There are so many choices.

      • We do love planning trips. We spent over a year planning the roadtrip we took across the US in August. My husband and I thought it would be fun to visit our countries of origin, so right now I think we’re leaning toward Sweden and probably one or two neighboring countries (my husband is about 75% Swedish). We’re also going to have to visit Scotland and Ireland to round out all of our countries of origin, but that would be another trip entirely!

        • Oh, that all sounds like a nice full trip. Sweden is on our list but we don’t think we will be able to make it.

          I cannot wait to travel and see more of the States. I’d love for us to rent an RV and go. Your trip across the US reminded me that I have a lot to see. I met an English couple that traveled all 50 states! Can you imagine? I’d love to say I visited the entire country one day.

  4. Cool! i enjoy that you caught different angles than i did in my post:

  5. Oh my goodness, I could spent a month there and still not be done.

  6. Oh wow, it really does look stunning and I am so glad you got to visit! So, first weekend in June is Rochester then?

  7. Y’all are seeing so much of England!! That’s so awesome 🙂 We need to take a trip when I get back for sure!!

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  9. Stella on said:

    Aaaaaah! I’ve spent many a Sunday afternoon in Rochester! Can’t wait to read more, see more of these AMAAAAZING pics, and get to know you! This is my favorite blog find all MONTH!

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