Edinburgh is such a gorgeous city. The people we encountered were so personable and charming, no city mentality here. Thank goodness! It’s nice to get away from it sometimes.

We left for Edinburgh Friday morning and even though we were up by 5AM I couldn’t make myself sleep on the plane. I was super excited about my upcoming blogger meet up the next day. So we hit the streets as soon as we settled in at the hotel.

I visited Edinburgh ten years ago but couldn’t remember if I had visited some of the city’s landmarks. It felt like a new visit to me. Except for the castle. The castle and I are old friends; one I never forgot.


The view from Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The first of several miles walked that day.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile, starting from the castle

Love in Edinburgh.

Her and Him

There’s no doubt that we got a great workout on this trip. There were hills and stairs everywhere. Up and down we went. We arrived home last night and I slept like a baby. I have Edinburgh to thank for that.

More than 39 Steps

Lots of these were encountered: up and down, up and down

My new coat battled against the Scottish wintery gusts and won

Two lovely sights: Ginger cider and my mister

Our group ended our meet up at The Voodoo Rooms. With an awesome cover band playing in the background I really enjoyed my dinner and time there. A perfect ending to Saturday.

The Voodoo Rooms

Sunday brought more touring about, specifically the National Museum of Scotland.

National Science Museum

Old town Edinburgh


We returned home hungry and weary but so incredibly satisfied.

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27 thoughts on “Ed-in-burr-ə

  1. lazystitcher on said:

    Wow your photos came out stunning!

  2. Only 5 minutes ago I actually thought of Scotland. Then I found your blog. Interesting!

  3. Makes me want to go! Truly wonderful pics. The ginger cider sounds fantastic!

  4. What lovely photographs! So atmospheric!

  5. I LOVE Thistly Cross! I see you made it to Mum’s Comfort Food – pretty yummy! So glad to meet you and that you had a good time. Amazing pictures of Edinburgh, I love this city!

  6. Love it!! My housemate went there over New Year’s and loved it so much she wants to move there. I need to go! Awesome pics.

  7. stunning photos ! xx

  8. Great photos! The national museum always takes my breath away, it was closed for so long i forgot what it looked like!

  9. i’m going to eburg for my birthday. it’ll be interesting because i’m meeting my french cousin there. she doesn’t speak much english and i’m curious to see if she’ll be able to decipher the edinburgian accent.

    • You will really like it. I will see you Saturday (right?) and I can give you some suggestions on where to eat if you want? We enjoyed all the places we went to.

  10. Oh Hi! I just love these photos!! Stunning! And I love Edinburgh. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for contributing your awesome photo to the photo club over on my blog. Don’t tell anyone else, but yours is probably one of my favorite photo entries!!

  11. Your photos are lovely Mela! Especially the first one. I loved Edinburgh and must one day get around to posting about our adventure there! I haven’t heard of The Voodoo Rooms before. It sounds intriguing.

  12. Gorgeous photos and sounds like that was a fabulous trip!!

  13. Want to be there now!

  14. Nice photos! We were just in Scotland a few weeks ago, and already wanting to return.

  15. Stella on said:

    That top pic is blowing my mind.

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