A walk in Oxfordshire

Living in London allows you to nip here and there quite easily, bonus! One of my favorite weekend trip locations is Oxfordshire. There I get to visit with my good friend Liz, nip into the Oxford city centre, and just take in the change of sights. One New Year’s Day we took a nice leisurely walk along the canal. So so nice.

Which way should we go?

Did I mention it was a sunny walk?


Boat living

These ducks were fearless!

Bright and cheery!

We must take a peek

We all go marching one by one

I love stained glass windows

The silent type

Great use of a doily. A+!

Tip: Don't go on a walk wearing your favorite boots

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8 thoughts on “A walk in Oxfordshire

  1. I want to be there! Wonderful.

  2. i’m amazed by all the houseboats in this country! i always fall in love on train trips.

  3. I still haven’t made it out to Oxford, putting it on my list.

    • Oxford is so pretty. Do go on a walking tour. Those are worth doing. And there’s an awesome cocktail bar called Raoul’s. Best cocktails I ever had. Really.

  4. We did that same walk!!!! There’s a pub at the end too 🙂 FUN!!!

  5. Oh no! I was sure I’d commented here before! I even remember thinking how much I liked your photo of the stained glass window! I love Oxford but have never gone on a walk there – I will have to make a plan to go in the future!

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