The Munich Zoo with a dash of The Nymphenburg Palace

G loves going to aquariums and zoos. Each time we go to a new city he looks them up and if time permits we visit them. Like the Zurich Zoo, this one is huge. The animals have very big enclosures and don’t look pitiful and sad like the ones at the London Zoo (warning: don’t bother going!).

But I’ll tell you what was odd: seeing animals you’d see in hot climates in a cold one. There were camels, flamingos and giraffes walking about in the snow. So so odd. I wanted to get them all knitted sweaters. But they seemed fine enough. I can only hope that they are happy. At least they didn’t look sad.

Munich Zoo

On our way to the Munich Zoo. It just started to snow.

Oscar (I named him) was my favorite. Photo taken by my husband.

Pink pelican sitting pretty...and cold?

More pretty pelican action

Munich Zoo

Pink flamingos in the snow. So darn strange.Photo taken by my husband.

Munich Zoo has the most baby animals that I have ever seen in a zoo. They have a baby elephant, kangaroos, monkeys, and maybe soon a polar bear!

This little guy was beyond adorable. We stood watching him for ages. He tried putting a shirt on and when that didn’t work he used it to hang from. He even did a few somersaults, much to G’s pleasure.

The highlight (other than the yummy frankfurter I had in the cafe) of our visit to the zoo. Photo taken by my husband.

Big papa down here kept pacing back and forth for quite a while. I swear it was because he was missing his partner, Giovanna. Rumor has it that his lady has taken up in a litter to possibly give birth to a cub very soon. Zoo officials aren’t 100% sure but all signs point to yes!

Munich Zoo

This papa-to-be was pacing back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth...Photo taken by my husband.

The next day we headed to Nymphenburg Palace. A nicely sized palace but you’re only allowed to view less than half. And no flash can be used while using your camera. So my photos are limited to the great hall, which was nice and bright.


Street graffiti on our way to Nymphenburg

Nymphenburg Palace from a distance.

Nymphenburg Palace. Photo taken by my husband.

Great hall in Nymphenburg Palace


Lovely chandelier in the great hall

Ceiling frescoes by Johann Baptist Zimmermann and F. Zimmermann

Beautiful painted moldings

I would highly recommend the Munich Zoo and the frankfurters at their cafe. They were both excellent. As for the palace it’s a nice time-waster but not a huge must when in Munich.

Next: Dachau.

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9 thoughts on “The Munich Zoo with a dash of The Nymphenburg Palace

  1. Looks lovely! I haven’t been to the London Zoo but the price doesn’t justify what I’ve heard so I won’t be going.

    • Definitely save your money. The London Zoo is such a rip off. They charge so much and the whole place looks dated and worst for wear. They are definitely not reinvesting enough money into its venue and animals. Not cool.

  2. Oh my goodness, what beautiful photographs! And you were there in person! Wonderful.

  3. Stunning – the molding is amazing – the amount of effort that went into these places…

  4. Somehow I could always tell just by looking at the London Zoo boundaries in Regents Park that it was going to be sad. Plus, although London is a beautiful city, I feel a lot of times the Brits don’t exactly put a lot of effort into things so I didn’t have high hopes for the zoo!! Have you see It’s SO CUTE.

    Nice pics!!

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