Germany and her lovely Christmas markets

Thanks to Sarah from Texpats Abroad for telling me about the German Christmas markets. After hearing how pretty and crafty the stalls can be I booked us on trip and off we went to Munich and Nuremberg.

Covered in multiple layers we braved the cold (so so cold) and headed to browse the markets spread around the Munich city center. With the snow sprinkled on the ground and the mulled spices in the air, the experience truly felt like a winter wonderland.

Munich Christmas Markets

Munich Christmas Markets

Munich Christmas Markets

All fruit stands are beautifully displayed

Munich Christmas Markets

Beautiful surrounding architecture made the experience feel magical

Munich Christmas Markets

Beautiful wood ornaments

Street graffiti

On our second day we headed to Nuremberg on an early morning train. Too bad that included half of the Munich population. The train was crazy overbooked and we struggled to get through the crowd and into the train to find a seat. Lots of people had to stand.

Our train was overbooked and we had to stand 1.5 hrs to Nuremberg

And for 1.5 hours we stood in between two cars, next to the loo. Yucko! But the situation turned comedic borderline ridiculous when the snack guy showed up, pushing his way through everyone.

Trying to look dignified while having to stand next to the loo

Sitcom moment: Snack guy just *had* to get through us all to sell his goods. Oy.

But finally we made it to Nuremberg and the markets here were really pretty. A bit more story-like than the ones in Munich. The stalls were all wooden and shaped like houses. Stalls sold jewelry, various Christmas ornaments, mulled wines, brats, pretzels, and much more.

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg Markets

"Get in my mouth pretzel."

We're so happy not to be standing by a toilet! Yay!

We came back with some precious little gems for our Christmas tree.

Happy little penguin ornament

Skiing Santa!

Can't beat an elephant with a hat on

I found the perfect Nuremberg ornament

And some bonus souvenirs were our mulled wine mugs. I love that tall one. It will become my official mulled wine mug from now on.

Our mulled wine mug collection.

More to come from our German adventure: The Munich Zoo, Nymphenburg Palace and the truly unforgettable Dachau.

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12 thoughts on “Germany and her lovely Christmas markets

  1. What a beautiful trip! And, aside from the toilet adventure, it sounds like such a breeze to nip over to Germany for Christmastime. Lucky, lucky ducks.

  2. What a fun trip, and lovely pics! I’ve only been to a Christmas market in Austria, but I absolutely loved it. Definitely magical.

  3. Reminds me of my trip to Cologne for the xmas markets last year. Truly loved it. Markets all over the city, history, gorgeous German food. Ah …. I want to go back!

  4. What a stunning post! It looks like you had a lot of fun and I love your mulled wine glass collection!

  5. Oh bugger. Then definitely don’t forget your thermals!

  6. Great story, well written. Germany is the best!

  7. Aside from standing next to the toilet (WTF overcrowded train??!?!) it sounds like it was great — and I’m so jealous of your cute mugs!!! Mine from Frankfurt are way more normal 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  8. It may have been cold and busy, but it looks amazing!!!

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