Sunday Brunch…

…American style.

American Sunday brunch

Bistrot on the Square, near Victoria Tube Station

I find that I miss things from home less but something I miss a lot a lot is brunch. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a wonderful Sunday roast with some delicious onion gravy and Yorkshire pudding. But there’s something about waking up late Sunday morning, rolling out of bed and scrambling into clothes so you can get the heck out of the house, to a restaurant and beat the after-church crowd.

Thankfully Tisha over at Americans Living in London-AFY! Online blogged about a place trying out a new American brunch menu. I emailed for a reservation two seconds after finishing reading the post. The menu has a lot of American classics: french toast, pancakes and omelettes.

Tex Mex Omelette

French Toast

The food was delicious and the service was AMAZING! Ten stars to any place that refills my water glass without me having to beg. Thank you! What wasn’t so great? The drink menu is pricey (₤12 for a cocktail, ₤4 for TEA!!!) and the wait staff are not familiar with the menu. Also, all sides are not created equal so why price them the same? A toast muffin is not equal to hash browns* or a bowl of fresh fruit.

So a visit to Bistrot on the Square was a great treat. But it still didn’t tick all my boxes for an authentic American brunch (grilled tomatoes and mushrooms should not be served with eggs and be called an American breakfast!). Worth a visit is you’re craving some french toast and Tex Mex eggs. They were both wonderful and full of flavor (+++). But stick to water.

*The hasbrowns were not shredded but more like the McD’s variety.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch…

  1. Thanks for posting!!!!! I could totally go for a Tex-Mex breakfast!

  2. I dream about brunch!! I miss it SO much!!!! Will DEFINITELY have to try this place out!!

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