Spicy Thai Noodle Soup Recipe

With Thanksgiving closing in I have food on the brain. And because sharing is caring I would like to share one of my favorite soup recipes. Best part? I came up with it! No help from anyone else. Okay, well maybe a little. One of my favorite coffee shops serves a spicy noodle soup that I was determined to replicate. After a couple of tries I was successful! I love you Favorite Coffee Shop but I won’t be returning to pay for a bowl. I can makes my own. Oh yes.

So this is how you go about making the best soup ever! You will need:

2 liters of hot water
8 tsp of veggie broth powder (You can substitute for fresh broth)
1 1/2c. frozen or fresh broccoli
1 1/2c. of frozen or fresh fancy green beans
1 zucchini/courgette chopped (optional)
1 red pepper
3 spring onions
3c. of spinach
3-4 (Some like it hot!) Thai chillies peppers
glass noodles (usually found in Asian markets)
light soy sauce
a can of bean sprouts, or 1c. of fresh bean sprouts
cilantro (optional)

In a stock pot throw in the first four ingredients and cook on medium heat. While that cooks chop the zucchini, red pepper, spring onions, and Thai peppers.

Spicy noodle soup

Throw them into the pot.

Stir in some light soy sauce to taste. Cook until all the veggies are soft. Once they are soft take out two glass noodle nests and put them into the pot. They only take about 6 to 8 minutes to cook.

Right before serving mix in can of bean sprouts and serve with fresh cilantro on top.

I love that I can get my five a day in a bowl. If I am feeling an extra need for protein I throw in a couple of chopped cooked chicken breasts (say that three times fast) along with the frozen veg.

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6 thoughts on “Spicy Thai Noodle Soup Recipe

  1. Love this. I made a Thai soup recently with angel hair pasta (never would have thought, but it totally works) and used lemongrass for the first time ever. I love Thai soups!!

  2. I made this soup today and it was awesome! I did two things different. I didn’t have ant Thai chili handy, so I used cock sauce (this is what it is called in the US). I had some dried seaweed handy, so I made a broth out of seaweed, sugar, rice wine vinegar and soy sauce. Thanks for this recipe! You are saving me lots of cash! This broke student appreciates it.

  3. Delicious!!! I will definitely have to try it!!

  4. Definitely will try!!!

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