Ally Pally Rose Window

Spin me round round

When I was little I dreamed of being a figure skater (also a sprint runner, judge, doctor and writer, etc.). As a teen I was convinced that had I been given lessons I would have been an Olympian. Ah, big dreams. With the temps cooling I am already planning how to stay active during the winter. I suffered from SAD big time last winter and I am determined to not have it affect me as much this year.

Now here I am dreaming of taking turns spinning around at the various ice skating rinks around town, like Somerset House and Tower Hill. But I hadn’t realized there was an ice skating rink within walking distance to us at Alexandra Palace.

I lived in Muswell Hill ten years ago and never ventured to Ally Pally. I didn’t know how beautiful and impressive the exhibition center was. A couple of weeks ago I finally visited and I knew I would drag G back to see the grounds, check out the architecture and try out their ice skating rink. The rink is massive! Well, that’s the impression I got from standing outside. Ice skating courses are offered on site, a plus if you can’t ice skate but want to get in on all the fun on the ice.

But of course I am already looking forward to warmer temps so we can enjoy the Ally Pally grounds and yes…picnic (I want to become a picnicking fool next year). Until then this winter I will be satisfied with, once again, dreaming of being a figure skater, spinning round round in Ally Pally.

Ally Pally

Ally Pally

Ally Pally Rose Window

Ally Pally

Ally Pally

And look at that view.

Ally Pally, London views
Ally Pally View of London

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16 thoughts on “Spin me round round

  1. It’s a shame I never went there when I lived in North West London. But now that I live in SW I don’t know if I’ll ever venture there 😦 I am VERY excited about going ice skating in all the fun places around London because I have never been to any! My top place is the Tower of London, but I want to go everywhere!

  2. It’s a trek to travel from South London to North London. I did it a few times when I moved from Tooting to East Finchley. Crazy how long it took on the tube! There’s a fabric shop that I love in Battersea but I need to psyche myself up to go.

    I think trying out each prominent ice skating rink in London would make for a great blog series. But I think I might be too lazy to try them all out. But trying out want theTower and Somerset House are a must on my list.

  3. My fella bought me skating lessons at Ally Pally a few christmas’s ago, I loved it! ended up buying the boots and working my way through the grades! Unfortunately since moving to East London I havent been back. But can highly reccommend the out door rink at the Hyde Park Christmas Fair, this years is going to be around the band stand.

  4. RHCD on said:

    As a fellow SAD sufferer I swear by my light. It’s a life savior. That and I’m still extremely jealous of your expat status…

    • I considered investing in one because last winter was so so so hard on me. I never did because I’m scared if it doesn’t work I am stuck with a pricey lamp.

      How long did you use the lamp before you started feeling better?

  5. Rebecca on said:

    I keep seeing this blog title, and getting the song stuck in my head. Make it stop!

  6. Jen on said:

    I went by that on the train on the way to kings Lynn. It looked so lovely!

    On a side note, do you think the pass to the five palaces is worth the 43£ annualfee?

    • Thanks! They are made out of some stiff denim. I’m hoping they’ll soften a bit eventually.

    • Definitely. My husband and I paid £65 for both of us and it expires 13 months from when we bought it. The cost of Hampton Court was almost £40 I think. And the Tower is more expensive. So yeah, it has paid for itself already. We have gone to HC three times, Kensington Palace once and the Tower once. Plus you get a 10% discount off in the cafe and shops. Win!

  7. I will TOTALLY go ice skating with you!!! I’m in!!! Let’s plan it!!

  8. I will definitely go ice skating with you!!! Anytime!!

  9. AH! I went to Ally Pally the first time a few weeks ago to see Amma. Glad I got to check it out – I had no idea what a beautiful view it had and how cool the architecture was. Was just planning a post about it too!

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