MacLovin’ might be dead

Sigh. My Mac might be dead. It keeps rebooting itself when I try to turn it on. Some googling calls for me to reinstall OSx disc but I seemed to have packed it away in storage. Boo.

Hopefully G can borrow one from his co-workers and it will all get sorted this week.

If that doesn’t work I will have to say goodbye to several (I haven’t backed up MacLovin’ since April) hundred recent photos, documents and music MP3s.

Ugh. Now…go back up your computer.

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8 thoughts on “MacLovin’ might be dead

  1. NOOOOO!!!!! 😦 Let’s hope the reinstall fixes it…let me know if you need mine.

  2. Roberta on said:

    I hope you can recover your files if not the whole system. The hard drive on my laptop failed recently. I was lucky that all those photos that I hadn’t gotten around to backing up were recovered. Tomorrow, I have to start backing up everything to disk. Matt just installed the new HD yesterday. I feel your pain.

  3. ACK! I would cry. I hope you can either get it fixed or recover all of the files.

  4. Oh no. What a loss!! I’m hoping for the best and hope you can retrieve some photos. I’ve started uploading some albums to a Windows Sky Drive but have no doubt it will fill up too quickly.

  5. Shit really! How old is it? I’ve been saying I need to back up my photos for some time. Although this one is only a year old. Hope you can recover your files.

    • It’s % years old so not *that* old. My husband thinks the data should be fine. Here’s hoping.

      Definitely start backing up your photos. I am glad that I at least backed up my machine a few months ago. Better to lose a few things than years and years of memories and work.

  6. this is a nightmare of mine… oh this reminds me- dh’s co-workers computer died last week so he offered to get the data off for him. Don’t ever give your colleague your computer if it has NSFW pics of your girlfriend. I seriously died.

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