Stay safe fellow Londoners…

Hope you’re reading this and you’re safe and sound. Here’s hoping things quiet down sooner rather than later!

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10 thoughts on “Stay safe fellow Londoners…

  1. It’s scary! I just can’t believe this insanity! They’ve even burned several shops down in Colliers Wood. How bad can a bunch of kids from Wimbledon have it??

  2. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Hope you’re safe Mela, and all who read this!

  3. If that’s what it takes I say bring them in, they need to squash this NOW.

  4. What is going ON over there? Did you run out of tea and crumpets?

    • (seriously, stay safe. I hope peace returns soon.)

      • And scones…and scones *hangs heads*

        No, it’s a bunch of young people using a protest as an excuse to loot and vandalise the city. It’s mental! The PM is *finally* having an “emergency” meeting today. Here’s hoping a plan gets sorted out before the badass kids come out tonight!!

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