Hats, Fascinators, and the Royals…oh my!

The Royal Ascots: a day of drinking, gambling and playing dress-up. Would I do it again? Only if I am guaranteed fun in the sun. Otherwise…no. The pricey ticket wasn’t worth feeling crowded in the Grandstand enclosure (due to people wanting to escape the rain). Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED seeing all the fashionable head pieces and seeing so many people looking so well put together but…the queues were too long. I had one glass of champagne and a pizza and called it a day since it took ages to eat, pee and drink. Really. Had the weather been prettier the crowds would have spread out more and venture to the outside vendors. So if I decided to go again I would wait to buy a ticket the day of the event. It would be a bit pricier but at least I would have a better chance of better weather (and clearer photos) and not freeze to death. Boy, was it cold!

So here’s the good stuff. I managed to get a few photos of some of the headware, which I had to share.

Looking cheerful even though the day was dreadful

Group Organizer and her SPECTACULAR hat

Fuchsia and black was a definite trend that day

Sweet delicate white fascinator

Fushcia and black again. So gorgeous.

These lovely ladies were flattered when I asked them if I could get their photo. I had to, they were having such a blast.

A toast to the start of the races

I wish I had gotten a great photo of this Amazing Victorian hat. It was breath-taking.

Pretty woman with her gentleman partner.

Hats everywhere!

I wish I had seen more hats as big and volumous and this one

My friend and me in the stands

and the Royals…oh my!

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Queen and Prince Philip had shown up. I figured with the weather being so crap they would have skipped the parade entrance. But they didn’t and I got to capture a craptastic photo!

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4 thoughts on “Hats, Fascinators, and the Royals…oh my!

  1. Looks like so much fun!!!!

  2. Wow I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Ascot. How’d you get tickets? I thought it was super difficult!

    Love the hats 🙂


    • Hello! I went with a Meetup group. It was about 10 of us so we got the group rate. The group organiser bought the tickets in April but there were Grandstand (mid-range) tickets available at the door the day of. So I guess not difficult this year. I think the races sold out last year.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aaaah, it looks like it was a real experience and so much fun! Despite the weather and that lack of golden sunshine, I think your photos were great. But yeah, Itotally understand not wanting to go again in rubbish weather.

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