Found: Rare Edward VIII Postbox

Karen at Overpaid, Oversexed and Over Here wrote a blog detailing the rarity of Edward VIII postboxes. Only about 150 in the United Kingdom exist and I have been on the hunt for one of them ever since I learned about them. And lucky me found one up the road from me. Who was so flipping excited she felt as though she won the lotto? This girl. Look at this beauty…

Woot woot! Am I the only one excited here? Anyone? *Crickets* Anyone?

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7 thoughts on “Found: Rare Edward VIII Postbox

  1. Berta on said:

    That IS pretty awesome!

  2. Of course my history loving, lucky friend would find this! So cool! Can’t wait to lay my own eyes on it …

  3. Edamommy on said:

    I’m glad there are still some around – I remember them fondly from my childhood. I am now feeling old, thank you very much . XD

  4. I had no idea!! That is so cool! I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for one everywhere I go know. I love stuff like that!

  5. It’s so funny you mention this…the Canadian seems to really dig the postboxes as well — he loves seeing the GR ones, but I’m going to send him your post about this one — he’ll be giddy also. They had a GR one on the Queen Mary which he was so excited about 🙂

  6. Yeah, i agree with everyone else, that *is* pretty awesome!

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