London-ish: Hampton Court Palace

I wish I had amazing photos to share here but unfortunately the weather did not permit. It was cloudy and rainy so most of the pictures taken were dark, noisy and blah. This is the first time my little Fuji point-and-shoot failed to give me nice photos. But I guess it’s not really a bad thing since I’ve owned it for six years.

I first visited Hampton Court in 2001. All I could remember from the visit was the maze. Because of the rain we skipped the maze and the gardens and went straight into the palace. We decided to sign up for a 15 month membership so we could visit Hampton Court again, along with other palaces (Kensington Palace [under renovation until July 2012], Kew Palace, Banquet House, and The Tower of London) throughout the year. So another visit to Hampton Court is in the books. Hopefully on a brighter day.

So, this entry is picture heavy. Sorry for the doozies but I figured I should share them anyway. Can’t share our visit to Hampton Court without pictures!

We started our tour at the Tudor kitchens. I specifically chose to go during the first weekend of the month so I could see a live Tudor cookery presentation. That’s the only time the palace holds the demonstrations. The men cooking were very chatty, answering people’s questions while chopping and whipping eggs. I’m not sure what I expected but I was hoping for something more instructional. I was hoping to stand by and listen for about 20 minutes or so about how to clean and cook some game. Not the case. Worst part? You can’t eat the food they prep! It’s against health and saftey. Stupid health and safety 😦 I was hoping to eat a turkey leg*!

My 1 tube

Cooks cooking in the kitchens

Outside you’re reminded at how grand the palace is. I can’t imagine trying to run a place that big, or trying to keep track of who is coming and going.

Hampton Court, Fountain Court

Hampton Court, Fountain Court

The masonry, craftsmanship, and painted artworks show the wealth of a place. And that is definitely the case at Hampton Court, as it is in many homes and churches. One of my favorite ways to investigate a historic place is by looking up. The ceilings, the moldings, even the light fixtures, are so ornate, so gorgeous.

Although the weather was not in our favor we still had a great time. We look forward to returning on a sunny day, friends in tow, to play in the maze. Maybe even pack a picnic and lounge about the gardens, pretending to be a character from Made in Chelsea. Just kidding.

I leave you with the best photo of the day: me and my buddy. We give good side-eye.

We give good side-eye. Mmm..hmm.

*Funny enough no turkey legs are sold at the cafe. How was I expected to channel Henry VIII without a turkey leg to gnaw on?

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6 thoughts on “London-ish: Hampton Court Palace

  1. Berta on said:

    Your blog is looking really nice. I love the header photo!

    • Thanks, Berta! I took that pic with my iPhone. One of my favorites. So I finally think I am getting a hand of this blogging thing, after I don’t know, 10 years!

  2. I loved seeing these! I went a few months ago when my mom visited, but all the pictures are on her camera and she never posted them 😦 What do they do with all the food they cook then? I hope they don’t throw it away!

    We also had a drink in the pub across the road that’s right on the river. Not the best pub but the view is great! I really want to go back to Hampton Court in the summer because you can get a boat ride to Kingston rather than taking the train. (That’s kind of near us so not sure how it would work out for others or how far the boat goes)

    • Yes! I saw people queuing up for the boat. I bet it would be a lovely ride. We definitely would have taken that route if we still lived south. I bet it would be amazing on a pretty day.

      Hampton Court is definitely a place worth returning for a frolic or two.

  3. What a fantastic looking place! I’ve heard so many good things about it. I must put it on my “must see” list !!

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your comment on my blog. I love finding new expat blogs, and will enjoy following yours now! Take care!


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