Michelle, the Runner Friend

A great friend I have in Austin is coming to visit this weekend. And as I am preparing the flat for her arrival I can’t help but realize how much of an influence she had on me starting to run. In 2007 I was toying with the idea of joining a running group to train for my first half (that later changed to full) marathon. During one of our first conversations I mentioned wanting to start running and she said, “Do it!” with such enthusiasm that implied “It’s fun, I swear.” Her belief that this chubster could do it totally motivated me and I signed up. Two marathons, four half marathons and many other races later I not only have myself to thank but Michelle. She really kept that competitive edge in me, even getting me to compete in the Goofy Challenge in Disney World. I totally would do a half and a full in two days again. Totally.

Loving the bling

Here’s hoping that competitive edge gets sparked again this weekend! I’m still determined to eventually run as fast as Michelle so I can keep up with her. It’d  be nice to finish a race around the same time*! One day, Michelle. One day.

*She texted me from the hotel room when I was halfway done with the marathon. She was done and about to take a nap. I was very, very jealous!

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3 thoughts on “Michelle, the Runner Friend

  1. Michelle on said:

    Yay! I’m so excited I get to see you and Greg in less than 24 hours. I’ll tell you stories of my recent adventure and maybe you will be bit by the ultra bug. 😉 It’s fun, I swear!!

  2. So exciting – I’m so glad she is coming to visit and hope you guys have an awesome time!!

  3. Haha, enjoy getting back into the running with what seems like an amazing guide.

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