Fascinator Fun!

My friend and I will be heading to the Royal Ascot races next month and were in need of some cute fascinators for the occasion. I actually have the one I wore for my wedding. Gratuitous-ish wedding pic coming up…

Nessa K Photography

But it’s way too demure for the occasion, don’t you think? I need something with a little more punch. I suggested to my friend that we make our own so we signed up for a class at The Make Lounge. The class was full of excited ladies who were all making it for one occasion or another. The four hours allotted for the class seemed like too much but I was wrong. I needed way more time. I went in thinking I would get a base for the fascinator and all the decorative items to stick on it. I was so wrong again! We had to make the base and hand sew each item that was going on there. For heavier decorative items, like flowers, those were glued. Very time consuming, very detailed oriented. All worth it.

Fascinator base in gold

When it came to designing the base I really didn’t have a vision. Nothing I put together looked right. Finally, with only 45 minutes left I manged to come up with this. And I am quite proud. Now all I have to do is find a dress. And I have one in mind…

Instagram photo of fascinator in blush, coral

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8 thoughts on “Fascinator Fun!

  1. I can’t wait to see it on! Darling wedding pic as well.

  2. Me, too! I can’t wait to see it on and the dress that will go with it.

  3. Your wedding pic is stunning! Love the new fascinator too- I’m impressed and really must check out the Make Lounge.

  4. Gorgeous wedding pic! and very pretty hair fascinator, look forward to seeing pics of you wearing it at Ascot. x

  5. Hey Mela!
    Thank you for your comments! I hope you enjoyed the workshop though!
    Looking forward to seeing Pictures of you wearing it!!
    Take care ,

  6. Cute. Cute. Cute!! Betsy (of Besty Transatlantically) has a blog post about a fascinator as well. Which is where I first learned the term. I love how I learned it from the two American expats living in London 🙂 That’s so awesome.

    I’m so impressed with your style, it turned out fabulously 🙂

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