Still feeling Swiss-y

With Switzerland still in our hearts, and arteries, we continued our lust for cheese back home. We made Macaroni Cheese Souffle, Soft Cheese Onion Bread and Shirred Eggs for brekkie. All are heart attacks in the making, yes. Totally should not have made all within a 2-day span, but we did, and they were grrreat. And what did all these cheese meals have in common, well, other than the cheese? The type of cheese! We whipped them all up Swiss style, with Gruyere cheese, of course.

Delia really hasn’t let me down. We have been consulting her cooking website and book, mostly for veggie options. Why veggie? Well, we’re trying to minimize the amount of meat we take in hoping we’ll make smarter, healthier veggie-tastic meals. We’ve been doing well until, that is, the cheese fest we dove into once we were back home from Switzerland. Switzerland does cheese well and with that in mind the meals we kept deciding on all were rich. The mac and cheese was too tasty not to share. Here’s the recipe and here are the results.

Ooey gooey cheese sauce

Egg whites are folded in to give the souffle umph!

Mac and cheese in all its toasty gooey glory

Oh yeah, cheesy goodness.

Now for the bread. I used Peter Reinhart’s Soft Cheese Bread recipe. It was fabulous. Made great sandwich bread. And great toasted.

Cheesy onion bread

Sliced cheesy onion bread

And to top it off! We had shirred eggs for breakfast the following day. My word! Cheesefest! Ah-mazing. If you had to make just one of these three cheesy things I would go with these. Simply gorgeous. Can’t say enough how good they are.

Shirred Egg with bacon and hash browns

So that truly ends our love with Swiss inspired foods. Our hearts and waists can’t take any more. Back on the mostly healthy veg train as I type this.

Have a cheesy one!*

*I take no responsibility for the pounds that may incur after making and eating any of the above.

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2 thoughts on “Still feeling Swiss-y

  1. I think it must have been on Pioneer Woman’s blog (?) that I read a similar recipe for eggs, but they were cooked (somehow) in the shell, then the soldiers dipper into the actual egg once the top was popped off. Sounds way too runny for me – but these sound delish! I can cook Joe’s softer since he likes runny yolk and mine firm. Perfection! I’ll be trying this the next time I make breakfast.

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