Switzerland: The gorgeous, rich, amazing food!

Another suitable title for this post would be: Breakfast for dinner? Brinner for the win!

On our first day we had a minced meat pie and potatoes. Doesn’t sound exciting but that little pie was delicious and filled us up for ages. Deceiving little pie.

Most of our meals were pretty much the same: sandwich for lunch, rösti for dinner. Rösti is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. Basically it’s a hashbrown. And sometimes you could order them smothered and covered (Waffle House, anyone?)! Needless to say I ate this for the rest of the time I was in Switzerland. I mean, come on, I got to eat my favorite breakfast for dinner! I forgot how much I missed hasbrowns until I got a taste of the rösti.

There are potatoes under here, really.

Rösti with a brat!

I got to taste the local beer and it was tasty, even at £6 a pint!

G did manage to step outside the rösti box, unlike me, and order another local dish. I can’t remember the name but G described it as a rich macaroni cheese. It came with a sizeable side of pork. Me? You guessed it! I just had more rösti.

Another great find was this champagne that we came across and was on offer. Sweet and fruity sums up the taste. I will be on the hunt for this next time we are in need of some bubbly.

I’ve had my share of Lindt chocolate. It’s my favorite chocolate brand so I had assumed I had seen or tried them all. Oh no. I found this and it was amazing. Took a few days to finish because it was so rich. Loved it.

So that’s the end of our Swiss journey. I wish I could be more adventurous but when I find something I like I eat it until I am over it. Luckily for me that didn’t happen on this trip. I would love to share our Zurich experience. We got to visit their best attraction: the zoo! But sadly I forgot to bring my camera charger so my camera died on the last leg of our trip. No worries. If you want to continue the adventure you are more than welcomed to look at my husband’s Swiss pics here. Hope you enjoyed the mini Swiss tour! I initially felt sad for missing out on the Royal Wedding (hotel didn’t have a TV, insane) but looking back at these pics made me realize that it was totally worth catching later on.

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3 thoughts on “Switzerland: The gorgeous, rich, amazing food!

  1. Oh yummy. I think I would have been hooked on the rosti too. I see nothing wrong with carrying on with a good thing.

  2. omg, the rosti looks AMAZING! YUM!!!! I would be ALL over that.

  3. I was definitely all over it. I was also under it, over it. It’s amazing.

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