Switzerland: Gimmelwald

Grimmelwald is a must-see if you plan to visit the area. I went after my friend suggested we go. Definitely glad we took her advice. Gorgeous town and I’m sure you will agree too.

We came across this little shop and it speaks volumes of the community. No bikes were chained, kids ran around freely. So refreshing considering we live in a city where people with steal things in mere seconds.

I did purchase a cute little postcard and would have bought a tea cup had we had the right amount of change. Bugger.

We kept exploring and walked by the best decorated house. Ever.

I told G that I needed a gnome for future home once we move back to the States. It would have to live indoors because I can see a badass stealing him and sending him around the world, sending me pictures of the gnome’s adventures. Well, maybe that wouldn’t so bad.

Luckily the weather was in our favor and we got to capture some beautiful photos of the surrounding area.

Gimmelwald was a great little afternoon trip. We picnicked there and just took in all the views. Perfect day, I would say.

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3 thoughts on “Switzerland: Gimmelwald

  1. Liz on said:

    Welcome to “The Sound of Music!” Switzerland looks incredible!

  2. I love garden gnomes! I went back to visit my old house in SA in December and mine is still in the front lawn. I loved that house.

    It is so beautiful up there – those alps, the flowers, the natural beauty. It looks incredible.

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