Switzerland: Murren

Switzerland, one of most beautiful countries I have been to. I first visited back in 2001 when I was a student, falling in love with Lauterbrunnen ( known as the town of waterfalls) and was determined to go back. Ten years later and I was able to share the town’s beauty with my husband (awww).

We arrived in Zurich around 8AM and looked forward to getting the 3 hr train journey to Lauterbrunnen out of the way so we could start sight-seeing. Finding out the price of the rail tickets was the first of many ticket-price shockers . To say Switzerland is pricey* is an understatement. A little bit of research would have prepared us for that. Oh well. These days we pounce on cheap flights and plan later. Later for this trip came on the day of arrival, ha!

After paying more in rail tickets than our flight tickets (eghag!) we headed to Lauterbrunnen. The town had definitely developed a bit since I was there: a few new stores, a gas station and a few new cafes. But the views were the same: spectacular.

Unfortunately the day was overcast but we decided to head up to one of the mountain towns, Murren, and have a look.

From Murren you can the train to Schilthorn:

But because it was so overcast, therefore unable to see the peaks, we saw no point. Instead we headed back and enjoyed a bit from our growing chocolate stash:

Next time: more Lauterbrunnen and Trummelbach Falls.

*For example, in the way out of Zurich we thought to eat McDonald’s (no judging!), fast and cheap, right? Nope. $28 for two ‘value’ meals. Yes! $28!

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4 thoughts on “Switzerland: Murren

  1. Looks gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous! I’ve only ever been to Zurich so I really need to go explore the other side of Switzerland.

  3. It really does look lovely but I must say, the prices are just a little bit off-putting!

    • I know. I don’t remember it being so expensive last time I was there. If we knew the prices of things beforehand we would have budgeted better and found better deals. It sucks having to decide on train tickets at the last minute rather than shop around.

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