London: Soho’s Secret Tea Room

Go there. Absolute cuteness all around. I read about this secret tea room here and here. Anything secret sounds naughty and must be sought out. And I am so glad my friend Grace and I did.

Soho’s Secret Tea Room is above Coach and Horses pub. You go in and wonder, “Am I in the right place?” I knew I had to ask the barman to make sure we were at the right place. And we were. After making sure there was space available for us to enjoy a cuppa, he showed us the way, behind the bar and up the stairs.

Once you enter the upstairs room it feels as though have gone back a few decades: a record player playing 20s jazz, eclectic furnishings and the genuine feeling that you’re about to sit in someone’s grandmother’s living room.

Soho’s Secret Tea Room was by far my favorite afternoon tea experience. Can’t wait to take friends and family when they come to visit. We were lucky to have gone during the week so the tea room was not busy. But after talking with the server she suggested to call and make a reservation if I planned to go on the weekend. Good advice. This place is worth the extra planning.

Sigh. That was the last adventure for Grace and me. She went home the next day but not before having her first taste of scones and clotted cream. She’s a fan!

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7 thoughts on “London: Soho’s Secret Tea Room

  1. I have to check out the secret tea room!! Looks so cute.

  2. oh my gosh!!! That looks so cool! Can’t wait to go there!

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  4. I’ve heard wispers about this place a few times. I really must go and see for my self. It doesnt make too much convincing to go some where pretty and enjoy an afternoon tea!

  5. I love this place 😉

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