G&M in Paris

But not my G. My friend G. Grace and I have been friends forever but since becoming adults we haven’t hung out much together. Blame distance and poor timing. When she told me she was coming for a visit I was excited and a bit nervous. What if we didn’t click as well as when we were kids? What if we don’t get on well? Luckily our friendship pretty much picked up exactly where it left off. We laughed easily and shyness was nonexistent.

A place we had a great laugh was in Grace’s flat. She rented the smallest apartment I have ever been in. And I grew up in a one bedroom apartment with three other people, so I know small. What I found unbelievable was that there was a small family living in the same sized flat Grace was staying in, which I found incredible. They even had two cats! How small is small? See for yourself.

Loft in the top, and bathroom under it.

Grace sitting in the ‘sitting area’. The ‘kitchen’ is beside her.

Grace laughing at how insanely small this place is for two to share (but we managed!).

The first day there we walked around and just walked into random boutiques and shops. Pretty much the way I wanted to spend my next visit to Paris. We found a gorgeous church. The name escapes me.

Across from the church was the cutest haberdashery store, La Droguerie I have been in. It was so pretty and they offered such a various selection of ribbons, buttons and trimmings. *Swoon*

I wasn’t tempted to buy anything until I came upon a wall of Liberty bias tape. Holla! It took a while for us to get someone to help us. The place was super busy and making eye contact with the sales women was difficult. But Grace was determined and got someone to come over and help me. I came away with 10 meters of gorgeous bias tape (of which I won’t use until I can sew amazingly well).

After that find my trip was already considered a success. What sweetened the deal was finding a Gerard Mulot across the street from the apartment. Dreams do come true. Another plus, I finally got to try boeuf bourguignon for the first time and it was delicious.

Another first? The Dalí museum.

I’m not sure how I had missed it the last few times here but I had. Best part? You get to see the Sacre Coeur on your way there.

So all in all Paris was full of good views, good food, good finds and good times. Grace now needs to hurry up and fulfill her dream of moving to Paris so I can visit her. My only request would be that she find a bigger place to live in!

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