Sewing Project: Double-sided Napkins

Sewing really, really relaxes me. And it helps me deal with the winter blues. Thankfully the days are getting longer and warmer, but I won’t be sewing any less with the season change. I’m determined to maybe, BIG MAYBE, make my dress for the Royal Ascot race. I will be joining a group of ladies for the event in June. I plan on sporting a beautiful fascinator and, hopefully, a dress made by me. The goal is a hefty one and I may just end up buying myself a dress but I still think it’s worth a try.

But since I’m still quite the beginner I will be working on a series of projects. I did a tote bag, and this week I did some double-sided napkins. I wish I could say that overcasting the edges was easy, but it wasn’t. The zig-zag stitches were all over the place. I didn’t get a nice looking napkin until the very last one. And even that one I messed up at the very end. But I am really looking forward to see how much I improve after I do the next set of napkins*, especially now that I have a feel as to what to do. Regardless of funky stitches I am loving my new napkins. I will be breaking them out for a dinner with friends.

I am loving these…a lot.

*Will be making loads more sets of napkins after buying 3.5 yards of fabric for a fiver by King’s Cross.

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6 thoughts on “Sewing Project: Double-sided Napkins

  1. Mela, I’m so impressed by these! I’m *also* impressed that you have set yourself on a mission to learn something in baby steps. I usually get so excited about a new idea *so* quickly that I wear myself out *and* realize I don’t have what it takes To Be An Expert NOW, and it deflates me.

    I have a funny feeling you’re going to make that dress …

    • Just for that you win a set of napkins with miltered corners! That’s my next project. I’ll work on them this week and send you a set. How’s blue? Or green?

  2. OMG. I love your napkins…seriously. Super cute.

  3. Those are so beautiful!! Well done! The only advice I have with machine sewing is to use lots and lots of pins (one every half-inch) and go really slowly. I really miss the hand-driven machines we used to use at school.

    You can seek patterns for dresses by difficulty and choose an easier one (or were you hoping to design it yourself too?)

    • Thanks! I have been stingy with the pins. Might have to up my pin usage. I had some crooked corners on another set of napkins and I bet extra pins would have helped.

      I did manage to find two vintage patterns that I will be trying…eventually. The seller said they were ‘easy’. So I’ll find out.

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