Shrove Tuesday…in Pictures

Otherwise known as Pancake (aka crepes to me and fellow Americans) Day in these parts.

Here’s G flipping his pancake. Ten years ago my English host family told me I had to flip it for good luck. I think. Not sure if that’s right but why not try to flip it? It’s fun!


The first one…not so much. Just because you read the instructions one time over doesn’t mean you’ll remember them when it counts.

Our fillings were Nutella and the traditional lemon and sugar.

G enjoyed his a lot.

Hope everyone had a tasty Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day/Mardi Gras! If you decide you want to make some here’s the recipe we used: Delia Smith’s Pancakes.

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3 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday…in Pictures

  1. Greg on said:


  2. Mmmmmm, Nutella!

    And that pics of G is cracking me up!

  3. Uh…yum. Yes please.

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