Six pounds heavier…

…and I’m back from my trip to Jersey and NYC. Any regrets? Hell fucking no. I lived on a diet of diner food, pizza, chicken rolls, peanut chews and cheesecake. I’m happy I didn’t gain more!

I wish I had taken more pictures of the amazing (and cheap!!!!) food I ate but I was way too greedy and overly excited when it was put in front of me. I would remember about taking the photo after my plate was empty. But here is the first breakfast I had at the local diner. Isn’t it a beauty?

After family, food is often the main focus when visiting home. There is such comfort in eating foods that you ate as a kid. *Sigh*

What can I say about my trip home? It was relaxing. I made the trip about my family and only visited with a few friends who happened to be visiting from Michigan. I didn’t want to spread myself thin trying to run all over the city trying to visit with everyone. The trip was mainly about seeing my baby sister and her little one. So if I didn’t get to visit with you I’m very sorry but I’ll be back. I will always have a place in my heart for NY. *Every* time I go back I never feel like a visitor. I feel at ease and at home. I haven’t called it home since I left for college at 18 so I find it great that I feel so comfortable when I go back.

So I got to visit with M&M, who happened to be in NY at the same time! Brilliant! I met up with them and Alyssa in Brooklyn. Mardi and I had lunch at a great place on Smith Street called El Nuevo Cibao. If you haven’t been, go. It’s an awesome Dominican restaurant and it’s cheap and cheerful. Mardi and I shared a breaded steak sandwich, an order of rice and beans and each had a soda for $12. If people tell you eating out is expensive in NYC it’s because they don’t know where to go. Same with getting your hair done (more on that soon).

Here we are finishing up some of Junior’s Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake. Glad that four of us shared the two slices. It was so rich and so naughty.

Junior’s makes the best cheesecake, hands down. Don’t try to argue with me about this because you will lose.

While in Jersey I got the best haircut of my life. To say my hair is curly is an understatement. My hair is a giant ‘fro without product: wiry and untamed. Edith, the hairdresser my cousin goes to, was able to tame the beast. She was a miracle worker. I have been unsuccessful getting a haircut here. I paid £80 for someone to cut my hair with a razor! And she should have known better considering she catered to women with my hair type. Anyhow, Edith washed, layered, blow dried, and straightened my hair for $35! And that people is expensive. If she knows you she charges you $25. That’s what my sister pays. And that’s what I miss about living in the NY/NJ area. There is always a salon that will do your hair for $20 to $40. AMAZING. It looked awesome. The picture won’t do the cut justice.

Sorry for the cleavage-tastic pic. So here I am with Amelia, who is also sporting an amazing head of hair.

Me with my parents. Look at that sheen! Sigh. I miss it already. I got off the plane at Heathrow and the curl started to come back. Boo. At least I now have a hairdresser I can go to when I visit my sister and parents in Jersey.

So to sum up my trip it was mostly about family, a wee bit of friends and food. A nice combination, I think. But will had more friends next time!

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One thought on “Six pounds heavier…

  1. Greg on said:

    Even Amelia is amazed at how awesome your hair is.

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