Graffiti Walk in Southbank

Saturday I went on a photo walk with a photography Meetup group to Southbank. And I got to meet the lovely Mandy from Emm in London. She suggested the walk to me and I am so glad I went. I grabbed G’s SLR and for the first time I was able to use it not on the ‘Automatic’ setting.We worked on taking shots in low light and moving objects. And with that said taking pictures isn’t as easy as I was hoping.

And my favorite…

Didn’t know the Southbank had so many hidden gems. Will definitely have to go back when it’s a bit warmer and brighter.

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6 thoughts on “Graffiti Walk in Southbank

  1. Excellent photos! Love the heart one. I’ll have to pay a bit more attention to the detail in the graffiti next time I am near the Southbank.

  2. Oh wow, what stunning photographs!!! And well done for getting your post up so quickly!! I am not sure of when I’ll be getting mine up – life, work, studies and my poor back are interfering with that at the moment!

  3. Very nice! I know it is a bit intimidating to get off auto, but once you do you will never go back. I have always thought you had a naturally artistic eye – which a lot of people have trouble with. Looking forward to more Manual from Mela. :*

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