This past weekend we went to visit a friend in Oxfordshire. We got to visit a couple of villages: Hanborough and Woodstock. And, of course, we did a walking tour of the Oxford Campus. I loved seeing where some of the places where Harry Potter was filmed. Sadly, we ran out of time and missed out of seeing Christ Church, where Lewis Carroll attended and the dining hall where the HP kids had their meals. I’ve been there before (in ’01) but I vaguely remember seeing it. Damn old age! That’s okay, just another reason to go back.

Exeter Chapel gardens

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2 thoughts on “Oxfordshire

  1. I’ve always thought that in one of my past lives I must have been a Brit. Even though I have never been I feel some strange connection to the UK…Maybe it’s the Irish side of me and my internal compass is just a bit wonky? But, whatever it is these photos just confirm that feeling. How can you love someplace you have never been? (Same with NYC – then I went, and I loved it even more there!)

  2. Berta on said:

    Oh, my goodness! Thank you, thank you for posting these beautiful photos. I love seeing the UK through your eyes.

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