Tube Pet Peeve

Smells. I have a very acute sense of smell so bad ones put me in a bad mood. But I hate bad smells even more when I can’t escape them. Unfortunately the tube proves to be a smelly trap. I often have to hold my breath when someone with stale body odor sits or stands beside me. A string of profanities just ramble off in my head and I curse the moment that person decided opting out of deodorant or a shower was a good idea. Another smell that I’m not a fan of is potent food smells.

Not all food smells are created equal. Especially when someone insists on eating in the seat beside you. Or even in the other side of the carriage. G and I were on the tube when a guy unwrapped a hard boiled egg and began to eat it…slowly. Bah! The smell was awful, filled the entire place and he was oblivious at everyone giving him the side-eye.

But I think the winner of my smelly offenders has to be this young woman:

She decided her nails HAD to get done NOW. She applied not one, not two, but three coats, including a top coat. Feeling loopy, I contemplated telling her to put it away but I think that would break a tube etiquette rule for sure. I tried to find a recent news article on tube etiquette but only found this one by the BBC. I’m pretty sure they are working on one because a BBC writer asked about tube pet peeves on Twitter (and I answered!). Guess it hasn’t been posted yet.

My list of tube pet peeves can go on and on but bad odors always slap me rigid. I wonder what makes other tube riders batty.

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8 thoughts on “Tube Pet Peeve

  1. Greg on said:

    Heavy smokers are also awful to be around. I also hate when people don’t move down into the aisles, but block other people from doing so. The trains get crowded and blocking what little free space that’s available is just rude.

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  3. Greg on said:

    I also want to add people who lean against a pole in a crowded train. Doing so makes it that much more difficult for people to hang on to something for all the bouncing jerking around the trains do.

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  6. Bad smells on a train that you cant escape is pretty terrible I agree and eating a boiled egg on one is just wrong!
    But my biggest annoyance is when people try to cram onto the train before letting people get off first, or they just stand there blocking the doors. How do they expect me to get off the train and make way for them if they wont get out of the way first! OK rant over 🙂

    • Yes! That’s a good one too. The New Yorker in me some times will tell people that they have to let me out before they can come in. So annoying…agreed.

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