I lied…

…I do have stuff to share. I forgot that Greg took a few pictures of the holidays and when we had guests over this week. So here is our week…in photos.

We didn’t bother  buying a tree since I forgot all my ornaments in Texas. But next year I will definitely buy one. This little guy will not do.

Naked Mallomars. This is how they looked before I tried dunking them in melted chocolate, before making them ugly.

Aren’t they just the saddest looking cookies you ever did see? Poor things were at least yummy.

And here are some baguettes I made to accompany some delicious tomato soup we made. I think I am getting better at shaping them. Not too bad considering I don’t have a peel to handle them with or a couche to proof them on.

G got this great gift from our friend Yvette. Who wouldn’t want a Bruce Lee action figure?

G and his Christmas hat (found in Christmas crackers). I have to say that popping Christmas crackers was the best tradition that I encountered when I was a student here years ago. I loved them so much I asked my friend in England to ship me a few boxes for a holiday party my roommate and I hosted. They were a huge hit. Lucky for me the following year I was able to find them at the cheap and cheerful store Tuesday Morning and have been supplying them at every holiday party since. So if you have a Tuesday Morning near year make sure to check them out and stock up on crackers for next year. I bet they will be on sale now. They are super fun and some may have good prizes. I got a tape measure this last time and I was ecstatic. No, really. I was ecstatic.

Well, that’s about it. Guess our week has been very tame and that’s how I like it. Sometimes you just need some time to relax and just enjoy the ones you are with. Again, happy near year!

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