Doctor Woes-A Venting Post

I am going through a love/hate relationship with England at the moment. Most of the hate comes from the amount of stress (me crying on and off since I got an infection in October) I have gone through with trying to get my health sorted. I mentioned the difficulties I’ve gone through here. Well finally, after the fourth visit and not having gotten better, I have been referred to see a specialist. But (yes there’s a but) I have to wait another month before I can see him or her. I’ve been given an 8th prescription to band-aid the problem until then. Trying to get the last prescription has been another ordeal. I went to two pharmacies and they didn’t have what I needed in stock. Oy FUCKING vey. My experience (I’m stressing my here) has been that a lot of waiting is a must if you want any kind of service in England: cable put in, telephone hooked up, a train to take you home, a glass of water in a restaurant, to pay your bill in a restaurant, a doctor visit, and now a cure. Trust me, that’s just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things we have had to wait and wait and wait for.

I’ve never had to wait so long to get better and it’s driving me crazy. Feeling off drags you down, gives you the blues and sucks your motivation to do anything. A Brit told me the NHS works if you are in desperate need of medical help but if you have  something they consider non-emergency then you just have to wait for the next available appointment which usually is a week or more away. But in the specialist’s case I will be waiting 26 days. Bah humbug.

All I want for Christmas is to feel better.

UPDATE: The specialist’s office called today (Jan. 18, 2011), the day of my appointment, to cancel because get this, “he doesn’t think it is his problem to deal with.” What the fuck? I was told I have to wait for a letter in the mail, once I get it I can then call for an available appointment. OH. MY.WORD. Arguing for the next 10 minutes did nothing. I am still not 100% and now without an appointment. If anything makes me move home sooner rather than later is the frustration I have faced trying to get competent treatment.

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10 thoughts on “Doctor Woes-A Venting Post

  1. Your experience outlined in the prequel to this post is exactly the same as mine(not having vitals taken at each Dr visit still surprises me!); so you are certainly not alone to feel a bit of dissapointment with the NHS. Good news is supposedly the specialists are very good when you finally get to see one. Fingers crossed you get some quality care soon! Merry Christmas.

  2. I hope you get a Christmas miracle of an earlier appointment or relief – or both! Happy holidays xx

  3. This was our experience there as well, which is why with anything important we would use our (fortunate to have) private insurance. The NHS is great in that it is available to everyone, but there are definitely drawbacks.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Roberta on said:

    Oh, geez. Is it possible to pay out of pocket for the treatment of this current illness? I hope things turn around soon. The specialist sounds promising.

  5. Fingers crossed for you, love!

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