Annual Cookie Swap Party Part Deux

In preparation for our move abroad we packed all our belongings and divided them into two big stacks: stuff to go with us and stuff to go in storage. Sadly we completely forgot to bring our Christmas decorations. No cute kitchen towels, napkins, soap dispensers, baubles…nothing. Along with forgetting the Christmas decorations, we didn’t bring any of our hostessing serving dishes. That would prove to be a little problem for our upcoming cookie party. We needed a few pieces to serve them on. With that in mind I hit local secondhand shops and searched ebay for some. All I wanted were cake plates and serving dishes. I couldn’t believe how expensive cake stands could be. But if you’re patient great bargains can be found. I went the eclectic way and decided to collect various patterns and colors: very Austin. Here are a few pieces I bought.

And this cake stand is my pride and joy. I found it on ebay and the seller described it as a ‘Lovely Victorian CAKE STAND “BIRD to NEST” regd 1884’. Is it really from 1884? And if so, why did s/he sell it for so little? I bought this for less than £10. I’m dreaming of taking it to Antique Roadshow and being told it’s worth millions. Okay, maybe not millions…maybe a couple a hundred quid. *fingers crossed*

Look at how old it looks underneath.

*Love* I have to admit that I have two more stands that are going to be delivered to me this week. I think I am addicted. Anyhow, look at the lovely spread we had throughout the evening.

Nutella cookies made by my husband. Aren’t they lovely?


Those chocolate sandwich cookies in the lunchbox, in the corner? Amazing Thin Mint-esque cookies. Delicious. Will go eat one now.

*Sigh* Looking forward to next year’s cookie fest. It’s definitely one of the best traditions we have started together. All the baking (we made French macarons, strawberry lemon thumbprint cookies, toffee and Nutella sandwich cookies) took some time but it’s always so darn worth it. The only thing that we didn’t get to do was the gingerbread decorating contest. You can see some of the cookies from previous contest participants here and here. It’s so much fun. You can’t believe how creative some people can be. I mean, a pregnant gingerbread woman? Amazing. Next year we might have to bake some since finding some naked gingerbread people was not successful.

Good luck to all who are still baking this holiday season. I decided not to hang up my apron just yet. I will be making some cute mini mince pies and homemade Mallomars for Boxing Day, so don’t be surprised if I share those too.

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3 thoughts on “Annual Cookie Swap Party Part Deux

  1. Sara on said:

    Cuteness! That cake stand is fabulous. I miss your parties!!

  2. Aww – I miss this party too even though I only got to go once. Everything looks so yummy! I want cookies for breakfast. NOW.

    And if you need gingerbread men or your holiday stuff out of storage for next year let me know and I’ll be happy to help get it to you.

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