Combat Boredom AKA Laziness

I find I have been doing the same damn thing I was doing just before I got the contract gig: nothing. No wonder I feel unmotivated. The more I give into my laziness the more unhappy I become. Don’t get me wrong, I love being lazy. Nothing sounds better than lounging at home watching crap TV while surfing crap stuff online. Love it. But you know what? It gets old really quickly. So I’m over doing nothing and have decided I really need to get back to training and holding myself accountable for what I eat. Chocolate is NOT it’s own food group so I shall stop treating it a one. But that’s for another blog entry.

Back in August I signed up for the Bupa 10,000 and have yet to get start a running routine. My goal for this race is to run the whole thing, no walking. The very idea is way heavy for me to accept. I ran/walked all my races. Every single one. And that’s how I trained for them so this run-the-whole-thing will be new for me. Another thing that will be new to me? Running in gloomy weather. While training for two marathons in Austin I experienced a handful of rainy runs. That’s it. I think I will be running mostly in the rain this winter. The cold, nasty rain. Ugh. Can’t think too much about it because I’ll reconsider my goal. I will just have to power through. A morning run will be a great start to the day and I  will be more productive throughout the day. Yay productivity.

My training will initially consist of run/walks. When I say I am out of shape I mean it. You would think walking everywhere would help, right? Well it is DEFINITELY not enough. I kick myself every time I think about how I’ve let myself, my endurance and fitness go. Just like that *poof*. Gone. As much as I would love (lovelovelove) to join a gym (I’m a gym rat, I prefer working out indoors which is weird that I make myself run outdoors, anyway…) it’s just not practical for where we live. The nearest gyms are at least a 30 minute walk each way. I thought, that’s not too bad. Well it is if you have just finished spinning and have to walk uphill home. Yes! One of the gyms I checked out was at the bottom of a hill. Who was the mastermind behind that horrible joke? Jerk. It was also expensive. The hill was the deciding factor. The council gym doesn’t have a good mix of classes, which is disappointing because it’s affordable (well, as affordable as you can get for London). So for right now the gym will have to wait. Hoping that the next job will be near a good gym. Jesus Cristo, I miss the gym. Have I mentioned how much I miss the gym? Hated going but once I was there I rocked it out. Rocked it. I swear I used to be mildly in shape, really.

Something else I want to do to keep myself busy (since running will only take an hour) is go to exhibits. I missed out on a few exhibits in town thinking I had all the time in the world. Well, the world didn’t stop for me and they are over and I am sat feeling like a fool for not going sooner. To prevent myself from missing out again I made a little spreadsheet on Google Doc to help keep me organized, see here. I’m still adding to it and hoping I’ll stay with it. Christmas is coming and the city is buzzing: ice skating, lights, night museum tours. So much to choose from.

Sigh…feels good to be on the right track; to feel as though I am finally doing something with my time. Of course there’s that little job hunt thing but I just want to focus on fun things 🙂




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2 thoughts on “Combat Boredom AKA Laziness

  1. Trish on said:

    Good for you! I’m glad you found some motivation and have a plan. I have been thinking the same lately – laziness breeds laziness and boredom and fatness. I need to change that cycle but I just haven’t found that needed nudge yet. ‘Yet’.

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