What. A. Year.

Happy anniversary to us! Thank you, G, for a wonderful first year of marriage. People say that your wedding day is suppose to be the best day of your life but I like to think it was one of many for us. Looking forward to what’s next. Doubt we can top Disney World, moving abroad, selling a house, traveling like mad, and starting new jobs…but I definitely think we should try.

I know you say you got the better end of the deal when you married me but I beg to differ. You are consistently patient, sweet and so damn generous with me. I love to lose my head here and there and it never bothers you. Thanks for believing in me and loving all of me, good and bad.

Didn’t we look stellar? *Sigh* Today we not only celebrate our wedding day but all of the great days we have to look forward to. Love you, G!

*Can’t thank Nessa K enough for capturing our day.

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One thought on “What. A. Year.

  1. qortez on said:

    Yep, I definitely got the better end of the deal.

    Love you, too!

    Happy anniversary to us!

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