Under the Tuscan Sun? Eventually.

We arrived in Ponte Mariano late in the evening, with wine, food and sunshine on my mind. Little did I know that we would have three days of constant heavy rain ahead of us. With that said the countryside still managed to look romantic and beautiful. The following pictures were taken during a brief break in the rain, around the Villa Boccella grounds.

Going asleep and waking up to the rain was very relaxing and made me look forward to the days’ activities. Luckily, we did get a visit from the sun from Wednesday onwards and that made ventures to Lucca, Pisa and Florence a lot more enjoyable. But before all those trips I made 10 different bread loaves. More about the bread in another post, this post is all about the missing Tuscan sun.

On Day 2 the entire group, about 20 of us, filled up a couple of vans and headed up a long road to a mountain town called Colognora. I had to close my eyes several times as we climbed up. I was convinced a car coming from the opposite direction would hit us and off we would go, tumbling down the mountain. Did I mention these roads were narrow? And slippery? I kept imagining the newspaper headline: Touring Brits Plummet Off Italian Mountain. That’s too long for a headline, huh? How about: Tourists Driven Off Tuscan Road? Still too much. Oh well. Glad we lived to see the top (and the rest of the week!).

I know, I know…so many pictures. But I can’t help it. The mountainside was breathtaking even without the sun smiling down on us and I *had* to share it with everyone. Can’t wait to show you the countryside in the sun-equally as breathtaking. I wish pictures could do the towns justice. *Sigh*

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5 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan Sun? Eventually.

  1. Gorgeous pics! Tuscany is beautiful, even when the sun doesn’t shine. I spent a college semester in a hill town (Cortona), and I especially loved it when the clouds rolled in after the rain, looking close enough to touch. So beautiful!

  2. It looks lovely – rain or not, I’d take it any day!!! Glad you had such an amazing trip. Looking forward to seeing more loaves (loafs? I just don’t know…)

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