Welcome home

I know I told you this before but we moved, a little over a month ago. To say that we gained a lot of space with this move is an understatement. Our first flat was very narrow (a shotgun flat, if you will) and in not the prettiest of neighborhoods. After some searching we left south of the river and moved up north. Funny enough we moved a couple of miles from where I used to live as an abroad student, in Muswell Hill. Highgate Village and Hampstead Heath are both a few minutes away. Sadly Greg’s work commute didn’t improve but he enjoys coming home a lot more. We are finally beginning to feel settled, at home.

So here’s our new home…

My favorite room in the flat. The oven is bigger than the one I had in Austin. It’s bring water up to a boil in mere seconds. *Love* And even better-the over fits a turkey!

Hello, gorgeous! Foxy Brown is in the right hand corner. She helps out with the baking, as she should.

The morning sunshine is glorious. Sunlight helps put an extra spring in my steps. For cold days the fireplace can be turn on. Looking forward to the look it will add for our holiday party. Oh! I must say, I do not take ownership of that ginormous couch and TV stand. They came with the flat…unfortunately. They are not very us.

Dining area in between the kitchen and the living room. Notice my cute sofa in the corner. It so deserves to be in the living room. But we will just have to make do with it there. Luckily it doesn’t look too awkward.

Our bedroom has three windows. I love waking up to sunlight. It just makes getting out of bed so much easier.

Ignore my hand’s reflection and check out our view. There’s a golf course across the street.

This is where I nearly fainted during the tour-the walk-in closet. Pretty darn rare in London. It was the first we came across during our flat search. Win!

This is the office and storage room. There is a bunch of shelving behind four doors. Having a place for everything is so key to keeping things tidy and finding everything. We keep our ‘store’ in here. The store is all of the bulk items we brought from America, like proper big kitchen paper towels, Scotch Brite sponges, and buckets of my favorite hair gel. It’s the small things that make us so damn happy.

Family, friends,please come for a visit. We actually have a spare room for you. With a real bed! No sofa-bed this time around for guests.

And finally here is my second favorite room in the flat-the bathroom. It has an awesome huge walk-in shower that I forgot to take a picture of. There are also four windows in here. More sun!


So there you have it, our new home. And truly feels like a home, unlike the last place. So I think we did well. All the looking and hassle of moving across a city paid off. We gained more than just space: the landlord is nice, the area is littered with big green trees and there’s a coffee shop six minutes away. With that typed I am going to make my way to my local coffee shop for a cuppa, followed by a warm lunch with my honey. It’s a cold one here today-37 degrees!

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9 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. You just made my day! This is really the only reason I enjoy our time difference – when I’m in a bad morning mood I always hope you have posted already to give me something to smile about, and by George you have!!

    Let’s just be real here…Freakin. Gorgeous! Love, love, love this place. Yes, I think y’all could do without that bachelor-pad of a couch, but it seems like it fits the space nicely and provides a great seating area for parties and such. Plus now that you know how to sew perhaps you could work on slip-covering it? ; )

    Love it, and hope to be waking up in your spare bedroom early next year sometime. XXOO!!

    • I’m glad I can brighten your day. With all this time on my hands it would be a crime not to try and post something more frequently.

      You know, this flat is owned by a bachelor so the furniture makes total sense. Maybe I will cover it eventually. But at least I have seating for entertaining.

      I just got your Halloween card. Thank you! That made my afternoon. Came home on a stinky train. Boo stinky people.

  2. Edwina on said:


    What a wonderful new place! I am so jealous of your kitchen and that you have a guest bedroom! Time to start saving my pennies so I can come stay there 🙂

  3. jen on said:

    Gorgeous! the bathroom is so cool, I love claw foot tubs and that circle window (?) above it. Very cool.

    Also, I am super jealous of that stove. Ours takes about 10 years to boil water.

  4. Don’t you just love those big ‘ol stove burners? Looks like you have a full size-ish oven that would fit a whole turkey in, lucky girl! Lovely walk in closet too 😉

  5. Love it! I have been flirting with Highgate for a while… you’re making me want to investigate further! Enjoy your new pad 🙂

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