Yelp’s WestFest

I had the great privilege to attend a Yelp open event: WestFest. Yelp invited their contributor to come and party under a freeway and sample some free spread. Elite contributors were able to show up an hour earlier, the power hour. Me and my plus one (G) showed up with bells on. We had a bit of trouble finding the location (did I mention it was under a freeway?) but we finally found the light and followed it and the music. Under Westway there are some of the most vibrant works of graffiti I have ever seen. Most of my time was spent taking pictures, trying to the capture the artwork. But no worries, I did manage to try lots of the goodies provided. The highlights for me were the savory crepes and the wine in Capri-Sun-like packets. The lows: sushi. I am not a fan. It was my second try in my lifetime, and like the first, I didn’t like it.

Let the party begin…

Hummus…sushi? Sure, why not.

This was my first proper piece of sushi with fish in it. Not a fan.

Train speeding by.

The conductor in this train took their time to check out the break dancers.

‘Pure Evil’ was written on one of the ceilings.


Wine in a packet? Amazing.

My boy Blue.


Greg going crazy and taking a shot of saki. He was not a fan.

My other boy Blue.

So the two standouts of the evenings were the crepes by Creme de la Crepe and the Vermentino wine. G and I will definitely try the crepe place for lunch this week. I still can’t believe how good savory crepes can be. Why hadn’t I tried them before? Oh yes, it’s that darn sweet tooth of mine. Looking forward to the next Yelp party already.

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2 thoughts on “Yelp’s WestFest

  1. So awesome. Why does it seem like there used to be funky fun one-off parties in places like that in Austin – and now it’s just all same-ol/same-ol. Maybe I’m just getting old.

    Sushi – sorry you did not like it. I’ll eat your share next time. ; )

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