M&M: One month ago

In a week G and I will be headed back to Paris. It will be my third visit this year, the last one not fairing so well. We will meet up with two of my best friends who are traveling Europe, honeymooning. M& M (as they have been lovingly  dubbed by friends and family) started their European journey in London. They were actually staying with us when we moved. Bless’em. They had a lot of patience, dealing with us running around like chickens without heads, packing the night before the movers were scheduled to arrive! Luckily they didn’t mind too much and they were upgraded from a sofa bed to a proper one.

I came across a story rating Angelina’s as having the best hot chocolate ever. With the temperatures dipping it only made perfect sense to me to meet there. Reuniting with them will be nice because who knows when we will see each other next? We might have babies on our hips. Aw, what a lovely thought. Anyhow, in celebration of their upcoming one month anniversary I thought I should finally share some of the pictures we took at their wedding in Vermont.

Happy (early) monthiversary!

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7 thoughts on “M&M: One month ago

  1. jen on said:

    i LOVE their dresses! what a pretty ceremony site.

  2. I came to comment and found Jen beat me to it! I absolutely love their dresses, such a stunning color! The flowers are fab too.

  3. Berta on said:

    Ditto on loving their dresses! They are a gorgeous couple and the photos are beautiful. Must have been a great wedding. =)

  4. John Sternlicht on said:

    I love M&M and all of us in Richmond miss them terribly! They (and the wedding) looked beautiful.

  5. Just lovely! I ❤ the colors and the location looks amazing. Love to see the rest of the photos sometime. Congrats to them!!

    Funny – my sister (in-law) has a new GF and they are also dubbed M&M. When Missy asked Marcela to be her GF, she got custom printed M&M's that said, "Will You" and "Be My Girlfriend?" Maybe we will have pics of them under an alter in beautiful dresses someday soon as well!

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