The last two months…in pictures.

The last two months have been super busy: guests from America, trip to America (again!), and much more. So here are the last two months…in pictures (the fastest and easiest way to catch everyone up!).

Is this the face of someone who is satisfied with a £70 haircut? She cut my hair with a razor! A razor?! Do I look like I need more volume? If you’ve seen my curls you would know that answer is a big NO. London haircut fail.

Pizza is essential to my life. I love it. I crave it. When I visit new places I like to try and find the best pizza place they can offer. Pizza Metro Pizza in Clapham Junction offers some very delicious pizza (tip: try arugala/rocket and sweet peppers on your pizza.You’ll love it!). They offer 1 meter pizzas! We didn’t indulge in one that big (sadly).

We had amazing seats when we saw Ricky Gervais do his “Science” stand-up routine. So crude, rude and right on. Loved him. Have I ever mentioned how much I love his laugh and snaggle tooth? Because I do. I a lot.

We miss American style breakfasts like crazy. So our main food-related priority was to get some delicious pancakes and homefries visiting Burlington and Warren Vermont. The cute little cafe above, Penny Cluse Cafe, had the best breakfast/brunch taters ever: bucket of spuds! And the menu was so lush, full of meaty and veggie options. And Vermont syrup galore!

Great friends, gorgeous views, and great food equal a wonderful start to the Vermont trip.

After the beach we headed to the harbor and followed that with delicious *iced* coffee with half and half. A-ma-zing.

Before we left Greg and I got a picture of us on the “engagement” couch (in December 2008 our friends let us stay in their apartment when they lived in NYC, the weekend Greg proposed to me).

We left from Burlington to Waterbury to visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory. It had to be done.

Full with Ben and Jerry’s in our bellies we left to Warren for the start of one of my very best friend’s wedding weekend! With that said I will end the entry here. More pictures to come!

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2 thoughts on “The last two months…in pictures.

  1. Okay – my Mela fix is satisfied…for now. I’m sad one of you didn’t try the B+J challenge in eating the bucket-o-icecream. I always say I will do that if I make it up there! Sorry about your hair – is it better now? And love the panorama stitch photos. Nicely done (you or G?)

    • Definitely Greg’s picture. He loves taking panoramic. As for my hair, well, it looks fine curly. I haven’t had the nerve to straighten it and see it how it’s fairing. Odds are the ends are jagged. Damn salon!

      I wish we had the stomach to do the bucket of challenge. I was very disappointed to find that I was full after our sample tasting. BUt I still make Greg share another small ice cream just because 🙂

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