Sneak Peek

We moved a week ago today. To say that we feel more at home here than at our old place is an understatement.

Check out my American-sized BUILT-IN closet. *Drool*

Okay…back to unpacking. Almost done.

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5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. Why hello!
    I found myself here because you were one of the kind souls who linked me. So happy to stumble here and thanks for the link.

    So you’re in London now?
    That’s a mighty fine closet you have.

    • Yes, missing Austin like crazy but I try to keep in touch by reading blogs by Austinites like yourself. Thanks for keeping me up to date with Austin and other stuff!

  2. yeah my dad will like this

  3. While I’m *slightly* disappointed to not be able to stay in your closet-slash-guestroom when we visit, I am happy you guys found a place you can call home away from home. I think that makes up for it.

    • You wouldn’t have been able to stay in the closet. It was smaller than I originally thought. You would have slept on the sofabed in the living room. So not as nice a proper bedroom. And we have trees on our street. Living trees! Can’t wait for you to visit so I can take you to the nearby tea shop. It’s well cute and it serves delish scones.

      I’m hungry.

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