I should be working but instead I’ll blog

I arrived at my new job in Hampstead Heath early. The doors were wide open and I found it strange and I was right, it was out of the ordinary. The electricity had gone out. They tried to reach me but I was already in the train. Luckily the day is gorgeous and I took the time to start a book, Winning by Losing by Jillian Michaels. My trip home just reaffirmed that I need to start focusing on my health again. My healthy lifestyle has been on hiatus since after the wedding in November? Coincidence? I don’t think so. As an emotional eater I took refuge in eating when Greg lost his job, when we were exploring Paris, when Greg was offered a new position in London, when we were trying to sell the house in Austin and most recently dealing with a funemployment that turned its head on me and became a boring unemployment. This new job will finally offer me a routine that I can thrive off. I spied a little gym just a minute from the office. Depending on the price I might get a membership. If it’s too expensive I’ll just sacrifice some sleep and start getting up early in the morning and get moving, start running again. Running sucks. I hate it but damn it if I don’t feel amazing once I’m done. I’m not signing up for any races just yet. Just going to plan to move, small goals. No need to disappoint myself if I can’t get 5 miles right out at the start.

Walking in New York felt like a chore. I was winded after going up after a flight of stairs or after walking for a mile or two. Come on! That’s not me! I completed a marathon and a half in January, why the hell did I let myself go so badly? Pisses me off. But like a beacon of light I ran into one of my favorite bloggers, the radiant cyclist beauty Ms. Bitch Cakes (she posted a pic of us! Unbelievably sweet and beautiful she was). Her blog serves as a constant reminder that one can conquer food addictions and maintain the weight off. She writes about her struggles and I admire her dedication for living a healthy lifestyle. She truly is an inspiration. Meeting her definitely made me wonder: what have I done to improve my health lately? So today I am going to write down my long term, weekly, and daily goals. I will revisit them daily and remind myself that getting healthy isn’t easy and doesn’t happen in a short time.

After being with family, our agenda was eating yummy food. We haven’t eaten a meal in London worth being bowled over by. Not curry, not Chinese, and especially not Mexican. We keep striking out when it comes to finding restaurants we want to return to. New York would offer us a sliver of tasty foods even if just for a few days.

We met up with my childhood best friend at Junior’s in Brooklyn. It was the only day I was able to make it there since we were staying in Jersey. The food at Junior’s sucks (seriously, what were the chances!) but the cheesecake is amazing! If you haven’t had theirs put it on your bucket list. It’s a must.

I usually go for the chocolate mousse cheesecake but we decided to share a plain one. An oldie but a goodie.

After Junior’s we walked over to Brooklyn Heights, to The Promenades. I don’t miss NYC but I miss Brooklyn if that makes sense. I was drooling over all the new stores on Atlantic Avenue, the new restaurants on Smith Street. Can’t believe how much development has happened in ten years. But then again, it’s New York, things are put up and brought down in a day.

It was hella hot and I was amazed people were running. But I guess I have run in the Texas heat.

Loving the reuse of a pair of old work boots.

While in Brooklyn we paid my cousin a visit in the projects. The elevators in the PJs are notoriously nasty and smelly. G’s face says it all.

In New Jersey with NYC in the background. Sorry for the blurriness. I just loved the way we seem to glow.

Sigh. The trip went fast and we were happy to be reunited with our bed. Sleeping on an air mattress got old very quickly. But after all that traveling I feel invigorated. I am looking forward to working, commuting and hopefully (please, please,please) meeting new friends. Hopefully having a routine will help me get reacquainted with my old healthy habits. *Fingers crossed*

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6 thoughts on “I should be working but instead I’ll blog

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  2. Roberta on said:

    Awww *hug* I can understand the need for routine and it will be great to meet people at work. BTW, love your voice in this post.

    • OMG…you were the second person to mention liking the way this entry was written! Thank you. Now I need to make sure I don’t lose this new found voice.

  3. I’m right there with you on the running opinion, boy it sucks but boy I feel great afterwards. And its a kick ass calorie burn! So I keep doing it. I only do one race a year, and that’s Run For the Cure.

    Like you I find Ms. Bitchcakes so inspiring I’ve been only reading her blof for a short while but I’m checking back for updates all the time!

  4. Trish on said:

    Love the pics & so excited about your new job and rekindled love of the fit. I think this post seemed more like you because it has your fire in it – some passion! It’s great that you have found a new direction and I’m eager to see where you go from here.

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