One door closes and another opens

To say this past week has been a bit emotional is quite an understatement. We have to fly back to New York City this week and I had to hunt down my passport. The US passport fees are going up this week so to save a few bucks I sent my passport to be renewed even though it wasn’t due until December. Luckily, the US Embassy was able to give me my original passport since it’s still good; no need to apply for an emergency passport. Phew.

We were hoping to venture off to the Maldives in November but it looks like we will have to postpone that trip until our two-year anniversary. With little vacation time left it makes sense to travel closer to home. Looking for a local bread baking class I found an amazing opportunity offered by one bakery: a baking class in Tuscany. The best part is that partners and family are invited. I love Italy. Love, love, love. Not only do we get to vacation at a beautiful villa, I get to bake Italian breads in a proper wood oven. We will also have time to go off and explore Florence and Lucca. So, one door closed and another one opened.

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5 thoughts on “One door closes and another opens

  1. This sounds absolutely lovely! Italy is not a bad backup plan, by any means! Tuscany has a special place in my heart, though I never made it to Lucca – I’ve heard it’s gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. RHCD on said:

    I”m seething green! That sounds like an amazing trip.

  3. Italy will be gorgeous too! (Sorry i never got around to sending that maldives spreadsheet, DH seems to have misplaced it. surprise!)

  4. Trish on said:

    Bollox! How did I not know this was happening and why did I slack off and not get mine sent in to change my name two weeks ago? UGH…

    Bread baking + Tuscany + G = Happy girl! I think it sounds fabulous. The in-laws want us to go with them to Tuscany next year to celbrate their 40th, but I said no – we have to go to the UK to visit M&G!

    Miss you girl. Hope everything was ok in NYC.

    • Fingers crossed you make the trek over next year! We might be in a new flat and maybe can offer you guys your own room, maybe?

      That whole passport price increase just came out of nowhere…at least that’s how I felt.

      Sigh. I am totally jet-lagged but alive. New York was hot!!! Glad to be back in the cooler UK.

      Hope you guys are doing well!

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