Kitties on my mind

Greg’s mom sent us pictures today of our babies, Ludo and Syph. Apparently they have been fighting over a box. Not surprising. In September we’re hoping they will finally make the trek across the pond. Looking forward to it. Can’t wait to snuggle and have long chats into the night with them.

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4 thoughts on “Kitties on my mind

  1. Trish on said:

    Ludo looks like he has a mohawk in the third photo down! LOL! Silly kitties. I’m sure they will be happy to be back with you too.

  2. Hi there! We are so excited to bring our kitty over next week. It really doesn’t feel like home without her. Looks like we both got to London around the same time – March?

    • We moved here in March from Austin, TX. I saw you’re from Richmond. I went to Hollins in Roanoke. I visited Richmond often, love it. Hope you both have a safe trip home and the kitties love their new home. Home really isn’t the same without them.

      • We loved Richmond – a surprisingly vibrant city. We just returned from our 10 day trip home, and we do have our kitty with us! She did great, probably better than me honestly! If you need any advice on the pet transport thing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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