Tick off the to-do list

Greg got an awful haircut last month. Just awful. I remember saying, “I can do better.” I like to consider myself a Renaissance woman, Jane of all trades if you will. I love to think I can do anything after seeing it being done. Oh, the confidence! Anyhow, Greg suggested we buy some clippers and give it a go. With enough practicing I should be able to get the right ‘do eventually. Well, today was the first trial. I don’t know why I thought I could give him a trendy new look. Oh yeah, that damn confidence. So this is what I had to deal with. Had the last haircut been a good one his hair would have grown out so much better. My poor man looked like a sad bum.

After watching the instructional DVD and a few YouTube videos I went for it. Draped the bib around him, and started cutting. I started with a long extension in hopes that I could gradually cut it shorter and shorter. I started with the bottom half. Looked fine. Just to be careful I changed the extension to an even longer one to make sure his hair stayed relatively long on top. Well, I don’t know how but the hair on top ended up shorter than on the back. I think I didn’t hold the clippers correctly. Good thing Greg is a great sport. I got the scissors out and started the blend the sides and the top. By the end he looked like an Army recruit. But that’s okay because he’s no longer looking like a bum. I am definitely looking forward to his hair growing out so I can try it again. I’ll be less nervous next time (I hope) and should be able to maybe give him a more stylish look. But I don’t think I did so bad. Hell, Greg is still talking to me so that’s all that matters. Well, and that he still looks pretty darn cute to me.

After seeing these pics Greg told me that I need to “round out” out the back a bit more. I’ll try that later. Right now I am going to enjoy looking at my handiwork. So glad Greg is laid back enough to trust me with his hair. Cutting his hair will just be another thing we can do together.

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6 thoughts on “Tick off the to-do list

  1. Rebecca on said:

    Are we leading paralell lives from afar? I cut kiddo’s hair today!

  2. Roberta on said:

    Looks good!

    • Thank you! if you look closely you can see the imperfections but it’s nothing to cry about (phew). We decided I have to try a couple of times to make it worth the purchase of the clippers 🙂 Makes sense. I hope I get better.

  3. Trish on said:

    Nice job! I like G with the shorter hair – very cute!

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