Finally…a proper flat-warming

We have been dragging our feet when it comes to putting everything in its rightful place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-downsizing is tricky. We sold a lot, store a bit and sent over a bit. We thought our living room was a bit bigger, but like all rooms, they look bigger empty. We sacrificed the bookcase and took it apart and store in the basement (thank goodness for a basement!). Not having the bookcase in the living room opened the room a lot. And so did the purchase of a lovely overmantle mirror. The mirror was advertised to be taller but it wasn’t. Thankfully the company refunded us some cash and we called it even. I love the mirror but we wanted something a few inches taller to hide some patch work. Oh well. Still damn pretty.

Some pictures are currently being shipped and those will be hung on that blank slate. Sadly the ones we have are way too small for that wall. Adding some color to the walls will help immensely. The dining table is suppose to be in the right side corner but unfortunately the desk didn’t fit in the spare bedroom, along with the wardrobe and chest of drawers, so it lives there. Since it’s only us two we don’t really need the dining table out and since it’s collapsible it resides under the bay (at least, I think it’s a bay) window.

So on Saturday we invited over a few of Greg’s co-workers and some of my friends for a nice intimate party. The theme was Tex-Mex, of course. We served various finger foods:

Avocado and mango salad. Amazing. A lot of prep work but totally worth it. Greg thought it sounded weird but all the flavors compliment each other very well. We couldn’t find any habanero peppers so we used a small wicked hot Scottish bonnet pepper. Wow.

¡Hola! Like the cheese factor? This was an amazing seven layered dip: refried beans, sour cream, cream cheese, green peppers, green/spring onions, shredded cheddar, coriander/cilantro and black olives.

And these roll-ups were Spinach and Jalepeño roll-ups. One person ate about five of these. I think he had no stomach. Everything went straight to his feet. He also ate three pieces of cake, along with other food. So jealous, he was reed thin. Isn’t that always the case?

Found a delicious yellow cake recipe and a coconut tres leches recipe and put the two together and got a very rich, delicious result.

I wanted to make two margarita drinks so I made a honey margarita (Oh.My.God) and an Italian Amaretto margarita (pictured).  I loved, loved, loved the honey margarita. The amaretto one was nice but I think it would have been better frozen and not on the rocks. We don’t have a blender so there really wasn’t a choice in the matter. Maybe another day.

The evening started early, at 6. I thought I sent the invite saying 8 but I didn’t. Oh well. We added more heavy finger foods just in case people expected a meal: beef quesadillas, homemade guacamole and a garlic cilantro salsa we brought from Texas with us. The food and drinks were a success and we had very little left over. The conversations seem to all flow with very little pauses or awkwardness. Phew.I really look forward to having another get-together soon. Greg’s co-workers are very fab and I am hoping to add some more friends to the mix.

On Sunday all leftovers were consumed by us and a couple of friends. And because the yellow cake recipe called for 8 egg yolks I used the egg white to make macarons! Those little buggers are a challenge but *so* worth it.

Not too bad. The almond flour needs to be a little finer.  I think that would help with the smoothness on their tops. Still very delish. I have to say, making smaller shells work better for me. They come out a lot prettier than the bigger ones. So noted.

Sunday brought us another little treat-Tatsuya! Isn’t he precious? He was obsessed with Greg and his facial hair. His dad apparently doesn’t have much so I can see why he enjoyed touching it. Poor Greg didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t let on though, he told me this later after he left. Greg did really well playing with him, letting his mom and me visit and catch up.

And yes, that is a faux-hawk (he had a proper mohawk that grew out). His mom is very rocker punk and her look really suits him. I just want to squeeze him. He’s so darn cute.

So it was a great weekend. It was the first weekend that we felt we had a social life. Went to Shakespeare’s Globe with a friend on Friday, entertained on Saturday and visited with friends on Sunday. It was a great end to a seemingly long weekend. I want more of these.

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2 thoughts on “Finally…a proper flat-warming

  1. Trish on said:

    Everything looks SOOOOOO yummy! I want a honey marg and some (all) of that 7 layer dip right now. You guys did an awesome job. So glad your party was a success – we are still working on getting things organized and all our art is sitting in the dining room leaning against walls. Once that is done perhaps we can have a proper house warming as well.

    • The dip was very, very yummy. I highly recommend it. I am kind of craving it right now.

      If you have a house warming post pics so I can feel like I was there 🙂

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