Happy Birthday, G!

Never knew the kind of love we have could be had. Corny? Yes. True? Very.

Thank you for humoring my coffee habit.

Thank you for loving kitties as much as you do.

Thanks for equally loving ice cream as much as I do.

Thanks for acquiring a sweet tooth to keep up with mine.

Thank you for loving to cook with me, or for me.

Thank you for being silly and doing it so well.

THANK YOU for your love of travel (we need a new map!)

Thank you for being such an amazing, fun dancer.

Thank you for always holding my hand and making a girl feel all gooey inside.

Thanks for being so, so cute.

Thank you for being such a wonderful partner. I love you bunches and loads. Happy birthday, G!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, G!

  1. Greg on said:

    Thanks, babe!

    I love you too!

  2. Vic on said:

    This is adorable. Happy birthday G! And thanks, Mela, for making me crave ice cream at 7am. And yay Geminis. 🙂

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Ice cream for breakfast sounds awesome. Better yet, ice cream with your breakfast! Like, on a waffle. Mmm…

  3. Michelle on said:

    Awwww…so freaking sweet!! Happy Birthday Greg. Hope it’s a great one!

  4. Lee Gibson on said:

    Aww! I’m so glad to know you guys!

    I have something in my eye…

  5. Lindsay Beeson on said:


    You two are lovely …

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