Ice, Ice, baby

If  you’ve been to Europe you know that when served a drink at a restaurant it’s often with no ice or two little cubes. Ice seems to be a little luxury. So it’s not too surprising that trying to find ice cube trays have been kind of impossible. Well, let me take that back. When we have found them they are pricey, for example, one (average size) tray cost us £1.99 at TK Maxx (aka TJ Maxx). After buying one tray I returned it after finding these ones for £2.99 (teaspoon used for scale).

I’m not sure if they were the better buy but like Greg says, “They’re cuter”. Here’s the kicker. The freezer is in the basement so we will have to very gingerly walk down the stairs with the trays full or take a pitcher of water downstairs and fill them once in the basement. I pick the pitcher.

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2 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, baby

  1. I can see all the adorable mixed drinks now …

  2. mujerboricua on said:

    I know! I am picturing margaritas!

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